Travel Insurance FAQs


  • Why should I take out travel insurance? 
    There is nothing worse than having a holiday or business trip spoiled by the theft of your wallet, delay of your flight, or something even worse. Travel should be a pleasure. A lot of that pleasure comes from the ability to travel free of the worry that something might happen. In the event that it does happen, don't worry! As long as you have taken out insurance with us, the travel agency should cover your costs up to the maximum limits of your policy.
  • What do I do when I receive my policy? 
    You may not have the time to read your policy thoroughly in the course of purchasing it. As soon as you receive it by e-mail, you should read and review its details. Please pay particular attention to the list of hazardous activities.
  • Why do I have a 14-day cooling-off period? 
    In the course of reviewing your policy, you just might find that it is not sufficient for your particular purposes. This may be due to an uncovered illness or hazardous activity. You have a 14-day cooling-off period in which to inform that you want to cancel your policy - during this period you should contact the insurance company to see if in fact they can extend your coverage. 

    In the event that you decide to cancel your insurance, you must send an e-mail with the words "14 day cancellation" in the subject line. Please quote your insurance policy reference number, along with the reason for which you want to cancel the insurance.

  • Why should I buy my insurance from you, when I can buy it from all sorts of other vendors? 
    There is one crucial difference between this company and high street insurance vendors: they are the travel specialists. They know your needs better than anyone else and have tailored our policy to meet your exact requirements. This means that you receive the top quality and maximum security that you deserve. They know our business and They know their customers. Their insurance is arranged through the travel insurance specialists Milsom Howard Associates (UK) Ltd who in turn have placed the cover with ACE Insurance Company SA-NV. As soon as you have purchased your policy online from them, you are covered even if you subsequently have to cancel your trip. This means a whole lot of peace of mind.
  • Should I not shop around elsewhere to see if I can get better cover for a cheaper price? 
    Shopping around is a very good idea. You will find that Their prices and coverage compare excellently with those available elsewhere. You'll also find that Their policy addresses all the issues you are likely to encounter in the course of your travel.
  • Why should I take out insurance with when I get free travel insurance for making my purchase with a credit card? 
    The credit card companies offer you rudimentary travel insurance cover for trips booked using their cards. However, it is very limited and does not cover many of your basic insurance needs. For a small premium, They insure you with a comprehensive policy. They cover you in the event of cancellation, medical emergencies and loss of personal possessions. These are the risks you most likely want to insure against. Is your Tourism office in need of a travel agency merchant account? Contact Today!
  • Do I really need travel insurance? 
    There are always risks attached to travel. Worrying about those risks achieves nothing. Insuring against them gives you peace of mind and sets you free to enjoy your trip. The premium required is a small price to pay.